Have you ever wondered what Stanislavski might have meant when he allegedly said: ‘There are no small parts, only small actors’? Click on the link below for incisive Macbeth analysis and why it is that tertiary characters don’t really exist in great drama.

Dramatic Text Analysis: Macbeth

Shakespeare analysis Macbeth
The Dramatic Situation


Why is it that centre-left parties around the world are either struggling or proving unelectable? Take a look at the essay on the psychology of persuasion from The Sticking Place in the link below. Why did the Australian Labor Party lose the un-losable election in 2019?

Battles & Causes: The Ongoing Failure of the Australian Labor Party

The Psychology of Persuasion in Speechmaking & the Metalanguage of Performance: A guide for Actors, Theatre Directors & Corporate Leaders



Many people have asked the question: is fringe theatre dead? Is this still a live question and, if so, what are the consequences for society in the age of the property boom? What are the implications for theatre and art in the age of venue scarcity and lowest common denominator, issues-based populism?

Academic Writing

The State of Fringe Theatre in the UK (Circa 2013)


A satirical three-part look at the meta of sketch comedy, with film version attached. It’s hard to believe that the script was inspired by a true story!

Creative Content


Sketch 101 (film)



A review of actor, Jenny Rainsford (Fleabag), in William Congreve’s, The Double Dealer: Orange-Tree Theatre, London, January 2019.

Many directors will insist upon the importance of actor listening because true authenticity can only occur when actors are listening to others present in a scene. Listening certainly does enable greater connectedness. But how do you encourage better listening among actors and, dare I say it, greater truth in a scene?

Read Review (Acting Tips included!)

A review of Fleabag’s Jenny Rainsford in restoration comedy gem ‘The Double Dealer’ – London 2019



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