Directing Masterclass:

This directing course emulates a theatre director’s preproduction journey, by providing a methodology that guarantees production quality.

Good directors always know why they have chosen to direct a play.

The difference between the British and the Australian stage is that with the former, preproduction planning is a cultural focus because of a greater adherence to quality control.

To focus participants, the masterclass assumes the hypothetical scenario that they have to stage their play of choice within twelve months.

Examples from a range of plays, including the works of Shakespeare, will be used to guide the process.

Just because it’s a good play doesn’t mean that it should be staged at this time.

This 13 stage process is unique, practical and effective because it recognises the benefits that planning brings to all theatre productions. The content is based on UK MA courses, and is not available in any directing course in Australia.

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Course Features Include:

Design integration

Building the theatrical world

Themes and their opposition

The united metaphor

The question of the audience

The overarching material of the production 

‘Fire and Rabbits Don’t Really Mix, John!’
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Who are you and what do you gain by doing this course?

You are an aspiring or semi-experienced theatre director who wants to change the Australian theatre culture.

You gain a practical and comprehensive preproduction blueprint from a London trained, MA qualified theatre director that is applicable to any play.

A preproduction document ensures that your theatre production stands a greater chance of success because you will have asked the hard questions. 

The preproduction document becomes the rationale for your production.

If you cannot answer these questions on your play of choice, you have no right to stage it.

The Sticking Place: Directing Masterclass
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